My earliest memory of being enamored by style happened when I was very young, while watching the proceedings from the Cannes Film Festival on television, I was transfixed watching Princess Diana attired in a blue Catherine Walker gown. That image just stuck, she was beautiful; didn’t need to be doused in statement accessories. Several such appearances of different kinds helped form a deep connect with an impressionable mind. When you feel compelled to express appreciation for all that life has to offer, whether its beauty, fashion or art, for a writer intrigued by aesthetics, communication of the same becomes elevating.

Fashion writing serves as a blessed opportunity for those who get to feed their interest in fashion and writing. To quote Bill Cunningham “Fashion has nothing to do with the Sorry levels of frivolousness , it has nothing to do with the celebration or a spectacle , fashion is simple and undeniably the need of humans, it is like an armor to face the realities of life, it is all up to us to introspect and accept our weaknesses.” I believe that fashion is also about motion and reality in our society and the world we live in. As human beings we require change and fashion provides for that. Therefore, documenting fashion is very significant, and that is what I like and is the biggest draw for me.

My objective is to delve into intricacies about the artistic and commercial aspects among other things, in my quest to unearth all there is to know about fashion and lifestyle. I am an MA Fashion Journalism graduate from London College of Fashion and have lost my heart somewhere between Regent Street and Chelsea.

I am a fashion writer based in Delhi and this website is a small initiative of mine to bring you the best of global and Indian fashion.

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