“Don’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone”: In Conversation With Urvashi Kaur

Image credit: Urvashi Kaur

Urvashi Kaur’s ability to encapsulate tradition in her edgy, modern outfits make her a force to reckon with in the Indian fashion scene. Imagine jumpsuits with capes, light summery linen shirt dresses and tie and dye saris paired with wide legged trousers, Urvashi’s canvas of fashion is nothing less than eclectic. Though her collections are inspired by everything global, India remains the focal point.

An avid traveler, Urvashi is one of the few designers who effortlessly translate their personal style on the runway through their creations. Relatable, comfortable and interesting sum up Urvashi’s work. “It’s ok to make mistakes and faux pas, fashion, and style are about experimentation and it’s an evolving process that one should enjoy”, she says

Urvashi, speaks to us about her inspirations, favorite pieces from her own wardrobe and much more.

Image credit: Urvashi Kaur

On personal style and key wardrobe pieces. 

My personal style is constantly evolving. There are, though, a few fundamental elements that have defined my style from the start.

I enjoy accessories and have an ever growing collection of the same. Everything from neckpieces to statement earrings and finally my beloved assortment of hats! I also enjoy an element of androgyny in my outfits and love shirts and unisex separates. Ultimately I feel that fashion should be embraced and enjoyed and is a celebration of one’s unique identity and I love expressing myself through the clothes I wear.

Image credit: Urvashi Kaur

2. On her traveling experiences 

I travel extensively and it is one of the greatest loves of my life. It certainly influences my dressing, not only because I love looking for unique finds abroad, but also because I’m very inspired by how people put themselves together culturally. It’s fascinating to observe the art of getting dressed and its variations depending on the region, geography, and climate.

3. Wardrobe advice

Don’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone. It’s ok to make mistakes and faux pas, fashion, and style are about experimentation and it’s an evolving process that one should enjoy.

Image credit: Urvashi Kaur

4. Statement pieces in her wardrobe. 

A crisp white shirt, the little black dress, and a statement jacket/overcoat. Each season there are fun twists and added elements that one can play with within the staples, for instance, I’m currently enjoying the dramatically exaggerated sleeve details that work well to lift an ensemble.

5.  Three must haves for 2017. 

More that each individual piece, I feel that women should invest time and resources to find the perfect fit. Once you know the right fit and shape for your body type you can really explore within that framework and constantly update without worrying about going wrong. For 2017 I do love the athleisure pieces, many of them can go a long way depending on how one styles them.


Image credit: Urvashi Kaur \  Tie and dye sari paired with a light weight buttoned robe and a pair of wide legged trousers.


Image credit: Urvashi Kaur/ Tie and dye jacket, pleated ninja trousers/ A side slit dress paired under a summer robe.


Image credit: Urvashi Kaur/ Asymmetric paneled kurta with a dupatta/ Tie and dye pleated summer dress with a scarf.
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